The Benefit of Chair Exercises

Seated exercises provide a modified fitness routine with many of the same benefits as a traditional workout.

Physical Fitness
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July 23, 2023

Regular physical activity is vital to maintaining (or improving) your health, but that can feel impossible if you already struggle with mobility or other health issues. 

Seated exercises provide a modified fitness routine with many of the same benefits as a traditional workout that you can do from the comfort of your chair. Chair exercises are safe and easy to do, and can be performed by people of all ages and skill levels anywhere!

Chair exercises provide needed comfort and support while also offering the following benefits, especially for people with limited mobility:

Increased strength

Chair workouts include strength exercises that focus on each of the major muscle groups. Strength training helps to build muscle mass, which begins to decrease as you get older. It also helps slow bone loss which may ward off  osteoporosis, and helps reduce the risk of injury. 

Increased flexibility

Chair exercises help you achieve a full range of motion by stretching your muscles and lubricating your joints. This will help ease joint pain and stiffness and could help improve your mobility.

Improved heart health and circulation

People with mobility issues are at greater risk for developing cardiovascular or circulatory problems; however, gentle chair exercises get your heart pumping, helping your body effectively move blood and oxygen to the rest of the body. 

Since your body functions more efficiently when given appropriate oxygen, this can also help reduce fatigue and boost your overall energy. 

Improves Mental Health

Exercising releases endorphins, one of your body’s happy hormones, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve your overall mental health. A 2021 study found that chair workouts similarly improved participants’ mental well-being and decreased feelings of stress. ¹

Exercising can also improve your concentration and memory, and lowers your risk for developing Alzeheimers.²

Reduces risk of falls

Balance is important, especially as you get older. Falls are especially common among adults over the age of 65, and can result in serious injuries or even death. 

Chair exercises will also help improve your balance, stability, and your posture by strengthening the core muscles in your abdomen, pelvis, lower back, and hips–reducing your risk of falls and their resulting injuries. 

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