Not Catholic?

Everyone is welcome

Being Catholic is not a prerequisite for participating in Pietra Fitness classes. In fact, many of the people who practice Pietra Fitness are not Catholic—they simply love the unique workouts!

What is Pietra Fitness like?

Regardless of your profession of faith, you can experience the whole-person benefits of Pietra Fitness. To help you feel more comfortable in a class, here is what you can expect in every workout.

Full body workouts

Our integrated approach features exercises and postures that stretch, tone, and strengthen your entire body.

Reduced tension and stress

The stretches, along with proper form, may help you to release stress and tension.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can help to calm your mind and nervous system, allowing you to focus on Christ and the class.


Depending on the class level you choose, our classes feature flowing movements that get your heart rate elevated or relax your body.

Guided Classes

The entire class is led by the instructor, so there are no prayers to learn or memorize, nor are there any prayers to say as a group.

Focused Themes

Every one of our classes is built around a theme like healing, joy, gratitude, peace, trust, and living in the present moment.

Short Meditations

Our short meditations help you reflect on the theme and contemplate ways to bring that theme to life in your day-to-day.

Verbal Cues

By guiding you through muscles stretched and strengthened with each posture, you'll understand all your body is doing and move safely.

Sign of the Cross

It is customary for Catholics to begin prayer with the Sign of the Cross. The instructor will begin and end class in this way, making the entire class a prayer. You may begin and end the class in a way that is most comfortable to you.

Prayer Intentions

At the beginning of class, the instructor will offer a few prayer intentions and invite participants to share any intentions they may have as well. This is completely voluntary.

Prayer Together

Praying together and for each other is very powerful. Just as you would ask a friend to pray for you, the instructor will ask a few saints (including Mary) who are already in heaven for their intercession.

Bodily Prayer

Bodily prayer, a more prayerful position that allows a person to engage their entire self—body, mind, and soul—in reverence, love, and devotion to God when the Scripture verse is read.

The Presence of Jesus

An icon (painting) of Jesus on the cross as a reminder that He loves us and is present in everything around us.

Sacred Music

Sacred music, such as Gregorian chant, to enhance the quiet time of prayer and reflection near the end of class.

You are Welcome

We hope that some of these beautiful elements resonate with you—no matter your faith background, and that our kindness and mutual respect for one another is a sign of our love for Christ.