Refine Your Summer Style with 5 Easy Steps

Whether you love fashion or just want to make your closet a little simpler and stress-free, this closet exercise is for you!

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June 16, 2021

The weather is warming (woohoo!) and it’s time to talk about summer style!

How often do you do a “wardrobe-refresh”? And by this, I don’t mean buying clothes. What’s crucial for a “wardrobe refresh” is trimming away the fat of your closet by getting rid of clothes holding you back and making room for your clothes that work for your body, personality, and lifestyle.

I like to do two BIG wardrobe hauls a year (summer to fall and winter to spring), but with each change of the season, I find it best to do a little spruce up.

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to get YOUR closet summer ready. And! It happens to be the perfect stay-at-home activity, too!

Whether you love fashion or just want to make your closet a little simpler and stress-free, this closet exercise is for you!

Here are your five easy steps to get your wardrobe “summer-ready”:

1. Know your inspiration. Have you started a mood board?

I find the best and easiest way is through Pinterest! Search your favorite style icons. Another great way is to type in your favorite stores in the search bar to come up with the right inspiration. You can search words like Boden, Anthropologie, J Crew, or Sezane.

2. Look at what you have in your closet that's similar.

What do you already have in your closet that resembles your mood board? What are your absolute favorite pieces? What fun activities do you have planned this summer and what do you envision wearing? Pick seven to ten of these pieces and place them on a special rack in your closet. Spread them out with two fingers room and place them on nice hangers. Let’s call this your “showcase collection.”

3. Prioritize your shopping list.

How easy is it to get distracted when we’re dancing down the aisles at Nordstrom Rack? (I don’t think I need to answer that!). You’ll want to peek at your showcase collection then refer back to your mood board. Ask yourself what pieces you’ll need to add first to get the most outfit combinations from your showcase collection.

4. Stick to your inspiration pieces and be consistent.

Try for at least three to four weeks to stick with your inspiration and the pieces you have specially chosen. This will help you develop a signature look. It will also allow you to build from this core “look” and develop it a little more.

5. Go back to your inspiration board mid-summer to get back on style-track.

After a month or so, look back at your mood board. Has your style changed in any way? Have you stuck to your inspiration? If not, get back on the saddle. You have to be intentional if you want to develop your style. It won’t just magically happen!

I hope these tips are the “wardrobe-rehab” your closet needs for the summer! Here’s some fun inspiration to get you started!

Boden Adriana Top


Calvin Klein Gingham Printed Midi Dress


Nina Leonard


Shargano Striped Sleeveless Dress


Nanette Lepore


Vince Drawstring Aline Cotton Skirt


Boden Cecilia Skirt

Meghan Ashley

Meghan graduated from Steubenville University with a degree in Theology. She worked for five years in Los Angeles and San Francisco as a Fashion Stylist. She now has her own business helping people navigate the world of fashion and find a style that suits them. Check out her website, Meghan Ashley Styling. You can also learn more about her and her ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.