Five Simple Tips for Finding Time to Exercise When You Have Kids

Whether you’re caring for a newborn, chasing after a toddler, or driving your preteen to extracurriculars, you probably feel like you don’t have enough time...

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April 18, 2022

Whether you’re caring for a newborn, chasing after a toddler, or driving your preteen to extracurriculars, you probably feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to do everything, especially exercise.

However, setting aside time for a structured workout will not only help you feel your best–both physically and mentally–but it will also set a positive example for your children about healthy habits and caring for your body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

So, how can a parent squeeze a workout into an already full schedule?

While you could get a membership to an expensive gym with childcare services, you can also follow these tips to easily incorporate fitness into your daily life.

Prioritize it when planning your week

Sometimes, getting in your weekly workout is truly just a matter of prioritization.

First, think about your “why.” Why is exercise important to you? Why is it something you want/need to prioritize in your schedule? If you consider exercise as a foundational part of your life, like prayer or date night with your spouse, you need to choose to set time aside for it.

Find a consistent time in your schedule for your workout (like in the morning before the kids wake up or during nap/quiet time) and write it in pen on your calendar. This time is non-negotiable so you need to treat it as such.

Find an accountability partner

Firstly, you and your spouse can serve as an incredible resource for one another of help and support in pursuing your goals. Communicate with your spouse and see how you can help one another make time for exercise.

You can also reach out to another parent to be your fitness buddy. You could offer to trade off babysitting to ensure you both have an opportunity to workout each week, or maybe schedule a playdate for the kids while you work out together.

Shift your mindset

Getting rid of an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to exercise can really help you feel empowered to succeed in your health journey. You might not get in a full hour workout all at once, everyday but you can squeeze in exercise in 5-10 minute increments throughout your day.

Do squats while cooking dinner, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, or park a little further away from the store or library to encourage a brisk walk. Even ordinary household tasks, like gardening or vacuuming can count toward your overall goal.

This mindset will help you see all of the opportunities throughout your day to move your body in healthy ways.

Join in the fun

Children have a natural inclination toward physical activity. They love to walk, run, jump, climb, dance, and play. And there’s no reason you have to sit on the sidelines while your kids have all the fun. Hop up and join them!

Playing with your children not only encourages daily movement in your home but also provides another opportunity to bond with your kids.

Workout with your kids

Similarly, you can make your workout time, family time! Invite your children (and your spouse) to join you in your fitness routine.

Studies have shown that children are more likely to enjoy and continue to pursue physical activities when they get to do it with their parents.  Again, it encourages family bonding when you are all having fun and working out together.

And now, Pietra Fitness offers an exercise program specifically designed for kids! This unique program combines physical exercise, Christian prayer, and meditation, offering an enjoyable and meaningful way for kids to move their bodies.

Parents can use Pietra Kids at home with their children, helping their kids build confidence, get some exercise, relax, and develop a meaningful relationship with God. It’s a win for both you and them!

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