Continue your journey as a Pietra Fitness Instructor by renewing on time!

Once you are certified, you will need to keep your certification current and active.  You can do that by:

  • Maintaining initial prerequisites
  • Re-signing the Pietra Fitness Instructor Annual & License Agreement and the Profession of Faith/Oath of Fidelity.
  • Submitting proof of current CPR/AED Certification.
  • Paying annual/license fee of $120 according to the terms as laid out in the Pietra Fitness Instructor Annual & License Agreement. First payment is due 1 yr. after certification date.
  • Participating in the various educational opportunities and/or workshops given throughout the year.
  • Submitting proof of CECs earned within the renewal year.

Why Renew?

Only current Pietra Fitness Instructors are permitted to lead Pietra Fitness Classes and use Pietra Fitness materials, meditations, and pre-designed workouts. Pietra Fitness Instructors are part of the Pietra Fitness Family and are constantly receiving new classes and music ideas, marketing materials, ongoing education and constant support.   To keep you updated and informed, part of the renewal includes educational resources and webinars.  

When to Renew

Your License Agreement will expire one (1) year from your original certification date.  PF uses the first day of every month for all those certified.  So, whatever day you actually achieve certification, your certification date will be adjusted to reflect the 1st of the closest subsequent month (the 15th of the month is the mid-point). For example, if your test date was May 12, 2016, then your certification expiration date would be May 1, 2017. If, however, your test date was on May 15, 2016, then your certification expiration date would be June 1, 2017.

Pietra Fitness will notify you of your certification expiration date starting 60 days prior to expiration. You will receive an updated Pietra Fitness Certificate each year upon re-certification.

PLEASE NOTE: The month and day of your Pietra Fitness renewal will not change because of your payment date. Your re-certification expiration date corresponds with the original expiration date and not the payment date. For example, if your certification expires on May 1, 2017 but you make your renewal payment late, you will still have a May 1st expiration date.  Your new certificate and ID card would reflect an expiration date of May 1, 2018.  In other words, you will not receive extra time toward your certification if your payment is late.

What Happens if You are Late in Renewing?

If you have not renewed by your certification expiration date, then your certification is considered inactive, and you must immediately stop leading PF classes as well as remove all PF Branding and other indications of certification from your marketing materials, online and in hard-copy.   Failure to do so,   shall be deemed a material breach of the License Agreement, in which case Pietra Fitness, LLC may deny, cancel or terminate Instructor’s Certification benefits and privileges and immediately terminate the Agreement. We encourage you to renew on time.  A late fee will be assessed in the following breakdown:

  • 1 – 6 months late, the late fee is $30.00.
  • 7 – 12 months late, the late fee is $50.00.

The late fee is in addition to the renewal fee.  During the time of your certification expiration date and the time that you pay, your license is considered inactive and you must abide by the terms above. If your active status has expired for more than one year, but less than 2 years (at which time you would need to retake the training), you may apply for reinstatement.  Reinstatement requirements are:

  • Contact to request reinstatement.
  • Submit proof of current CPR/AED Certification.
  • Pay re-instatement fee of $300.00.
  • Re-take Posture Conference and exams.

Proof of CPR & Continuing Education Credits

You will need to upload your current CPR (even if it is one you have already submitted and it was not the year to renew) as well as all of your CEC Certificates in the form below.

Renew Now

Fill out the relevant fields, click your agreements, and upload all your CECs and CPR. Check to ensure that you have uploaded your current CPR (even if it is the same one as last year) and that you have 6 Physical CECs and 4 Spiritual CECs uploaded before you hit submit.

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