How to Introduce Your Catholic Kids to Theology of the Body + Why it Matters

Catholic parents need a way to teach their children the truth about their bodies even from a young age.

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November 8, 2023

In a culture that has cheapened the gifts of our bodies and our sexuality by promoting promiscuous and problematic behaviors, Catholic parents need a way to teach their children the truth about their bodies even from a young age. 

The Theology of the Body (TOB) offers an integrated vision of the human person–a body and soul composite–that will serve as an unshakable foundation as your children grow up. And it’s never too early to introduce it to your kids. 

What is Theology of the Body?

Theology of the Body is a series of 126 talks presented by Pope John Paul II during his Wednesday audience in St. Peter’s Square from 1979-1984. These lectures presented the Church’s teachings on the human person, sexuality, and marriage.

It offers a profound reflection on the nature and dignity of the human person based on biblical and theological principles, and explains how our bodies communicate these invisible realities. 

Why Theology of the Body for Kids Matters

Theology of the Body is an invaluable tool for parents to teach their children about the gift of our bodies.

While your children might be too young for “the talk,” Theology of the Body helps you create a foundation on which you can build upon as they get older.

Here’s what it can offer your kids:

Understanding God's Plan for the Body

Our bodies aren’t accidental or insignificant, they are purposeful and beautiful. They are not just physical entities but have a spiritual and theological dimension. 

Theology of the Body reveals God's plan for our bodies and sexuality, and illuminates the ways in which human love can and should reflect God’s love in the Trinity.

Respect for Human Dignity

Teaching your children about the Theology of the Body instills in them a profound respect for the dignity of every human being. It emphasizes that every person regardless of age, gender, or background, is a unique and precious creation of God.

Formation of Healthy Relationships

The teachings of the Theology of the Body promote healthy and pure relationships. Kids who understand these principles are better equipped to build strong, loving, and lasting relationships based on mutual respect and self-giving love.

It helps children prepare for their future vocation as well. 

Countering Cultural Messages

In today's culture, young people are bombarded with messages that often distort the meaning and purpose of human sexuality. 

Schools are introducing concepts about gender and sex earlier and earlier, normalizing behaviors not in line with biology or God’s plan for men and women. However, you can help your students go against the culture and stay true to the faith.  

Having a foundation in the teachings of Theology of the Body can help your children stand strong in the truth against harmful influences.

Introducing Pietra Kids! TOB Series

Children need an accessible and age-appropriate way to learn about the Theology of the Body, which is why Pietra Fitness has created a new series for children focused on this vital topic. 

Introducing the new Pietra Kids! TOB series. 

We will offer two series one for grades K-5 and the other for 6-8 that introduce children to the important teachings of the Theology of the Body while also helping them to move and use their bodies for the glory of God. 

As in all of our Pietra Fitness classes, these series will combine strengthening exercises, sacred music, and Christian mediation–in this case, age-appropriate meditations on the foundational teachings of Pope St. John Paull II’s Theology of the Body including: 

  • How each person is created out of love 
  • the uniqueness and sacramentality of each body
  • the complementarity of male and female bodies
  • unconditional love
  • self-mastery, 
  • purity of heart and more! 

Login to the Pietra Kids! Studio or sign up for a free trial of our new Family Plan to get started.

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