6 Ways to Honor Our Lady in the Month of May

The Catholic Church devotes each month of the year to a particular aspect of the faith and the Church dedicates May to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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May 4, 2022

The Catholic Church devotes each month of the year to a particular aspect of the faith and the Church dedicates May to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

During this month, the faithful should take time to try to emulate Mary’s virtues and recall the important role she plays in Salvation History and in our own lives. 

You can use these suggestions to celebrate the Mother of God this May in your own home and community: 

May Crowning

A May Crowning is a traditional Roman Catholic ritual in which the faithful crown Mary with a garland or a wreath of flowers at the close of a solemn procession. 

Many parishes host their own crowning for you to attend, but you can also organize one for your family and friends. Place a small crown on a Mary statue you already own or place flowers by an image of Our Lady in your home or garden. Sing a Marian hymn or offer a prayer to her. 

Return to the Queen of Heaven throughout the month and ask her and her Son to reign in your heart. 

Plant a Marian Garden

Place a statue or image of Our Lady in your prepared plot of land and plant flowers to honor her.

Many flowers and herbs–like roses, lilies, and rosemary– also hold a uniquely Marian significance that you might want to consider when planning your garden. 

You can add a small bench to the area for prayer or other meaningful/decorative accents that honor Our Lady. 

Read a book about Mary or Marian Spirituality

Many saints and scholars have written on the life and virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pick up their writings this month to help you grow in your relationship with the Mother of God. Looking for a place to start? Consider one of these titles.

Make a Marian Pilgrimage

For centuries, Catholics have undertaken pilgrimages as a sign of faith and devotion. Plan a pilgrimage this month as a sign of love for Mary. 

While an international excursion might not be possible, you could possibly take a trip to one of these domestic destinations dedicated to the Blessed Mother: 

Otherwise, you can create your own pilgrimage experience in your own town. Take a trip to a local parish for Mass (perhaps on the feast of the Visitation) and spend time in prayer before a Marian image. Invite some friends, pack a lunch, and make it a little do-yourself retreat. 

Meditate on the life of Our Lady 

The Blessed Mother provides an excellent example for anyone pursuing a life of holiness and a relationship with God. Take time to learn from her by meditating on her life. 

You can pray the Mysteries of the Rosary or the Seven Sorrows Rosary as a way to meditate on the joys and suffering of Mary as she obediently followed the Will of God. You can also use Lectio Divina or Ignatian Meditation to contemplate the life of Mary as written about in Sacred Scriptures. 

See yourself Temple of the Holy Spirit

The Blessed Virgin Mary gives us the most perfect example of living as Temple of the Holy Spirit; an example we are called to follow. 

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