Clare is certified to lead Gentle and Level 1 classes.

Clare Schiller is a daughter of the Merciful Father, a wife, and a mother to three beautiful children. Clare is passionate about discovering the truth and living in it. Multiple health problems as the mother of three young children set her on a journey to seek healing and wholeness. Clare discovered that her mind, body, and soul are so intimately connected that health in any one area can benefit the others and sickness in any one area can drag the others down. God has blessed her with much healing in mind, body, and soul, and Pietra Fitness has been a big part of that blessing.

Before finding Pietra Fitness, Clare had found some relief for health issues through yoga and, upon learning about the spiritual dangers of yoga, felt very frustrated that what had helped so much could also be so problematic. She is excited to spread the good news that there is a real alternative! God does want you to stretch, strengthen, deep breathe, and heal! And He wants to care for your whole person, soul included, while you do it. Welcome, Pietra Fitness!

Clare enjoys the outdoors (particularly when the sun is shining), reading the Chronicles of Narnia with her children, playing the piano, and any sort of good conversation with a cup of tea. Clare graduated from Ave Maria University in 2012 with a BA in Literature, completed her Foundations 2 Pietra Fitness certification in 2019 and instructs Pietra Fitness classes in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

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