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Instructor Renewal

$ 120.00 USD
$ 120.00 USD
Renew your Pietra Fitness Instructor certification to continue leading classes and accessing exclusive materials. Includes educational resources and webinars. Late fees apply.

The Pietra Fitness Instructor Renewal ensures that only current instructors are authorized to lead Pietra Fitness classes and use official materials, meditations, and pre-designed workouts. As part of the Pietra Fitness Family, instructors receive ongoing support, new class ideas, music suggestions, marketing materials, and continuous education.Renewal Benefits:

  • Continuous Support: Access to new classes, music ideas, and marketing materials
  • Ongoing Education: Educational resources and webinars to keep you updated
  • Community Engagement: Stay connected with the Pietra Fitness instructor community

Late Renewal Fees:

  • 1-6 Months Late: Additional $30.00 fee
  • 7-12 Months Late: Additional $50.00 fee

Reinstatement Process (if expired for more than 1 year but less than 2 years):

  • Contact to request reinstatement
  • Submit proof of current CPR/AED Certification
  • Pay a reinstatement fee of $300.00
  • Re-take Posture Conference and exams


  • Must be a certified Pietra Fitness Instructor for at least 6 months
  • Actively teaching classes and participating in the instructor community

To maintain your active status and continue benefiting from the resources and support provided by Pietra Fitness, ensure timely renewal of your certification. If you are late in renewing, select the appropriate renewal type (on time, 1-6 months late, or 7-12 months late) before adding to the cart.

Care Instructions

Instructor Renewal

Only current Pietra Fitness Instructors are permitted to lead Pietra Fitness Classes and use Pietra Fitness materials, meditations, and pre-designed workouts. Pietra Fitness Instructors are part of the Pietra Fitness Family and are constantly receiving new classes and music ideas, marketing materials, ongoing education and constant support.   To keep you updated and informed, part of the renewal includes educational resources and webinars.  

What Happens if You are Late in Renewing?

 A late fee will be assessed in the following breakdown:

  • 1 – 6 months late, the late fee is $30.00.
  • 7 – 12 months late, the late fee is $50.00.

The late fee is in addition to the renewal fee. Please select the renewal type (on time, 1 - 6 months late, or 7 - 12 months late) before adding to cart. If your active status has expired for more than one year, but less than 2 years (at which time you would need to retake the training), you may apply for reinstatement.  Reinstatement requirements are:

  • Contact to request reinstatement.
  • Submit proof of current CPR/AED Certification.
  • Pay re-instatement fee of $300.00.
  • Re-take Posture Conference and exams.

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$ 120.00 USD
$ 120.00 USD
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Continue your journey as a Pietra Fitness Instructor by renewing on time!


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