The youngest of four, Tekla has ten nieces and nephews and lives with five of them on her sister’s property in Indiana. She has a deep love for prayer, sparked by an encounter with Jesus, and strives to live out His mercy daily. After two yoga teacher trainings in India and many hours of personal practice, Tekla was convicted of the incompatibility between yoga and her Catholic faith. She left the studio, community, and practice all together, trusting in God’s will. While working as a certified massage therapist, a client told her about Pietra Fitness and how it seemed to him that it was exactly what she had been attempting to do. Tekla spoke with Pietra Fitness founder, Karen Barbieri, and sensed that this was the next right step in her spiritual journey. Tekla went on to become a Foundations 3 Pro Instructor. In addition to contributing to the Pietra Fitness online studio, Tekla has a thriving massage practice in Indianapolis.

Tekla is a Foundation 3 PRO Instructor and is certified to lead Gentle, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.

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