Rachel Ciliberti

Rachel Ciliberti can be seen striving to bring a smile to all she meets, in living out her vocation as Daughter, Sister, and Wife. She is also a family chiropractor at Life Expression Wellness Center in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. She has a heart for the simple life and in addition to her PA roots, also spends time in Enid, Oklahoma at her and her husband's family farm and chiropractic practice. She has always been inspired to share the beauty of God's design and His creative wisdom in our bodies in the way that we function, grow and heal.

She was encouraged by a fellow Pietra instructor, friend and patient to check out Pietra Fitness and then felt called to pursue becoming an instructor in 2022. She loves teaching children and growing families, and has a special joy striving to actively appreciate God's Divine Will every day as He renews us and the world around us to live in His Will. Pietra Fitness has inspired her to spread the word that movement is beautiful, meant to glorify God, and can really feel like a prayer! She loves to inspire moms and children in this way!

Rachel is a Foundation 2 Instructor and is certified to lead Gentle and Intermediate classes.

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