Pat is certified to lead Gentle, Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Patricia Marie Ober (“Pat”) is extremely pleased to be part of the Pietra Fitness family of instructors!  She found Pietra Fitness while searching for a physical exercise program that would combine Catholic/Christian prayer and meditation.  Pat began following the program by purchasing the DVDs and using them at home on a regular basis.  She soon found these classes were too good not to share and began offering DVD-led classes to friends and fellow Catholics in the parish school and neighboring parishes.  

Pat soon corresponded with Karen Barbieri to tell Karen how these DVDs were a perfect ‘hour of prayer’ while at the same time providing an ‘hour of power' stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises for her and her friends.  

While visiting her son in North Carolina, Pat attended the Charlotte Eucharistic Congress where as it happened, Betsy Hoyt and Karen Barbieri were hosting a Pietra Fitness table.  It seemed the Holy Spirit was prompting Pat to say “Yes”  to becoming a PF instructor.  The year-and-a-half of and catechetical study and Scriptural meditation together with the physical exercise soon became a blessed time of Spiritual growth and further healing of body. Did God really heal her?  A resounding ‘Yes’ to that question.  Did Pat assist in her healing?  She would like to think so, even if just a little bit!  

Please offer up your prayers for Pat and the entire Pietra Fitness family.

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