Jhoe Stonestreet

Jhoe is certified to lead Gentle, Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

From her discovery of the Pietra Fitness program back in 2015 to the incidences that enabled her to certify for it in 2018, Jhoe Stonestreet experienced God’s masterful orchestration of events that compelled her to become a Pietra Fitness Instructor.  As a mother and homeschooler, Jhoe engages her family in Pietra Fitness to demonstrate loving Christ through the unified approach of prayer, exercise and intellectual formation.  Being an instrument in God’s hand, she looks forward to bringing this wholistic mind-body-soul retreat to Manhattan, KS and its surrounding communities.

Pietra Fitness is truly a blessing for it continually opens doors to deepening one’s relationship with God.  In a world plagued with the false dichotomy between the body and soul, Jhoe desires to share the immense treasure of this corporeal and spiritual encounter with our Lord.

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