Ashley was raised with a strong and fiery faith in Christ by growing up under her great grandparents' feet as they preached in a tiny Pentecostal church in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. When she met her cradle Catholic husband in high school, she found comfort, stability, and a rich and meaningful prayer life in the Catholic faith and then converted herself 10 years later. Ashley practiced yoga for several years, never feeling fully fulfilled and always trying to bring her own Christian prayer into the classes. When looking for options for more prayerful and Christ filled exercise options, Ashley found Pietra fitness through a friend and was absolutely overjoyed. Now with a one year old daughter at home and twin daughters on the way, Ashley is striving to be an example of the feminine genius while raising these little women to love Christ and be passionate about showing God's love in all that they do - exercise included!

In addition to Pietra fitness, Ashley is a social worker and provides psychotherapy for teens and young adults at a private practice in Greenwood, Indiana.

Ashley is a Foundation 1 Instructor and is certified to lead Gentle classes.

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