TOB: Restorative

Maria Elliot

Patron Saint: 
St. Pope John Paul II
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
15 - 30 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Theology of the Body

Because of the natural, everyday wear and tear on our bodies, we can all benefit from restorative workouts like TOB: Restorative. You will begin this relaxing 27-minute Level 1 class standing in posture pose, calming your mind and body with deep breathing and thoughts of gratitude. Warm up with gentle moves that will help you release tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and hamstrings and that loosen up the muscles up and down your spine. Transition to your knees for exercises that open up your chest and hips and stretch the sides of your body. A side extension series will get your blood flowing as you move from side to side, engaging your core and incorporating side bends and leg lifts. The pose for the long hold will increase circulation and feel really good on your back, especially if you use a pillow or block to elevate your hips. Wind down with a series of moves that will stretch your entire body, especially your hamstrings, back muscles, and hips flexors. The Scriptures and meditations in this class invite you to reflect on self-control.Like this class? You will love the other videos in the Theology of the Body Series. Experience them all with 21 Days to Greatness, a 3-week plan that will help you become all God created you to be.