Surrender Novena Day 9

Tekla Bedwell

Patron Saint: 
St. Mother Theodore Guerin
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Surrendering everything to God

Congratulations on making it to the last workout in the Surrender Novena Series. If there is anything that you are still holding on to—any worries or anxieties, physical stress—place it at Jesus' feet and resolve to let it go by the end of this 45-minute class. As stated in today's prayer, "There is no novena more effective than this." You will begin this Level 1 workout in a comfortable cross-legged seated position, calming your mind and nervous system with deep breathing and thoughts of gratitude. Take a few minutes to warm up your body by easing into stretches and twists that loosen your neck and shoulders, open up your chest, and feel good on your back. Transition to standing for the first flow, which will work your shoulders, arms, back, core, and glutes. Follow that up with lunges and a challenging balance series to strengthen all the muscles in your legs before coming to seated to fire up your abs. As you lie back in reclined inner thigh stretch for the long hold, the words of novena prayer will wash away your fears and fill you with hope. Courageously carry this hope with you for the rest of the day—and your life—and resolve to turn to Jesus whenever you're feeling anxious, saying, "O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything."