Prenatal: Gentle Full Body

Nila Daigle

Patron Saint: 
Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Gianna Beretta Molla
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
15 - 30 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Prenatal: Relying on God's Strength

This is a gentle class that works the whole body and is suitable for all trimesters. Before starting any kind of exercise when expecting, always check with your doctor for clearance. There are so many changes going on in your body right now, and everyone is different, so please listen to your own body and only do what feels right for you. Check out the Foundational prenatal videos to learn more about the changes going on in your body in each trimester and other great info that will help you get more from these exercises to prepare you for childbirth. The prayers and meditations will have you contemplating relying on God’s strength. Have a chair or wall nearby, a couple of pillows and some water, and let’s begin!