Pietra Power: Kick 2

Jhoe Stonestreet

Patron Saint: 
St. Teresa of Avila
Physical Focus: 
Cardio, Strength
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Behold your Mother

As in Pietra Power Kick 1, this class is a fast-paced advanced workout that hits every aspect of your physical fitness: strength, cardio, and flexibility. After the warm-up, you will be taken through a series of Squat + Presses along with Squat + Roundhouse Kicks. In the second series, Jhoe will lead you through front and back kicks along with lateral ladder runs in place and squat jumps. Bring your water! You will need it!! Don’t worry, the wind down is soothing and relaxing so you will leave the class feeling strong yet calm. The meditation will have you contemplating Mary, our Mother in Faith.