Live from Home: Stamina

Jill Alt

Patron Saint: 
St. Peter
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
45 - 60 min
Spiritual Focus: 

Increase your flexibility and physical, mental, and spiritual strength with this 50-minute full-body workout. As in all Pietra Fitness classes, you'll begin Live! from Home: Stamina by calming your mind and nervous system with deep breathing, thoughts of gratitude, and a Scripture verse to help you focus on the class. After warming up your muscles, you'll flow right into long sequences of lunges, planks, pushups, angle pose, and more that are designed to build endurance, challenge your balance, and get your heart rate up. Whether you keep up the intensity or dial it back with modifications, you'll be ready to catch your breath and relax into hip release for the long hold. The Scriptures and meditations throughout this Level 2 class help you understand true meekness and invite you to ponder how well you control your temper.