Live from Home: Shoulder Stabilizer

Jill Alt

Patron Saint: 
St. Leo the Great
Physical Focus: 
Shoulders & Core
Class Length: 
45 - 60 min
Spiritual Focus: 

Get ready to fire up your shoulders and core in this challenging 45-minute workout that targets your shoulder stabilizers. As with all Level 2 classes, this workout is Intended to be difficult—but you can modify the poses to fit your skill level.You will begin Shoulder Stabilizer standing in good posture pose, taking deep inhales and calm, smooth, even exhales as you call to mind what you are most grateful for today. Warm up your shoulders, sides, and entire body with angel arms, side bends, standing forward fold, and pike pose. Transition to hands and knees to loosen up your spine before beginning a series of exercises to open up chest and stretch and strengthen your back and legs. Turn up the heat as you flow through Lunge 2, angle pose, airplane, revolved angle pose, pike, and elevated chest lift on toes, engaging all your muscles and challenging your balance. Work your core, shoulder stabilizers, and back with a variety of planks, push ups, twists, chest lifts, and back bends. You'll be ready for a break by the time you come to wide leg forward fold for the long hold and wind down with feel-good stretches. The Scriptures and meditations will help you reflect on our basic human need to give and invite you to reflect on a way to give of yourself to someone in need.