Live from Home: Refresh

Jill Alt

Patron Saint: 
St. Teresa of Avila
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Preparing for the Feast

Are you ready for some “aaahhh” time? By the end of this 34-minute Gentle Level class, you will feel relaxed, refreshed, renewed, and, depending on what time of day you do it, either more poised to focus on your tasks for the day or better prepared to enter a peaceful night’s sleep. This class takes place on the mat without any standing postures or prone postures. You will begin seated for about 4 minutes of relaxing the body through deep-breathing and relaxing the mind with soothing thoughts of gratitude and God’s love for you. After warming up with safe and gentle neck stretches, side bends, and forward folds, you will come to your hands and knees for gentle core work, including leg lifts. You will strengthen your back muscles as you extend your spine while on your knees, followed by gentle twists and a shoulder stretch. When you come to a supine position, you will work multiple muscle groups as you lift and lower your hips, adding in an optional arm movement as well. As you relax into your reclined inner thigh stretch for your long hold, you will listen to the meditation on “Preparing for the Feast.” The prayers and meditation focus on God’s generous invitation to the wedding feast in Heaven and how we respond to that invitation.