Live from Home: Long & Strong Core

Jill Alt

Patron Saint: 
St. John the Apostle
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
The Trinity

If you are looking for a workout that not only lengthens the muscles in the core but strengthens them as well, then Live! From Home: Long & Strong is for you! You will start on your back for deep breathing and gratitude, and then up to seated to warm up the spine in all ways. In the workout you will work the core in V-sit, Modified Reverse Plank (with an extra tough, surprise added in that really works the abdominals), bicycles to work the obliques, lower abdominal leg lifts, Half Back-bend on toes then Roll-ups to standing. Whew!!!! If that’s not enough, Jill takes you through some standing, strengthening lunges and revolved lunges. Your body will thank you for the Long Hold in Hip Release. The beautiful prayers and Scripture are on the Blessed Trinity and God's love as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.