Live from Home: Daring to Live

Jill Alt

Patron Saint: 
Holy Angels & Saints
Physical Focus: 
Forearm Pike
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Dare to be Who God Created You to Be

Are you ready to hold postures longer and build greater strength? Join Jill today for Live from Home: Daring to Live! You will begin in good standing posture for a few minutes of focusing on deep-breathing and gratefulness. After warming up with angel arms, twists, side bends, shoulder stretches, and swan dives, you will pause in rock pose for your first bodily prayer posture as you pray: “Let my heart take courage, for I hope in You, Lord.” You are sure to strengthen your shoulders in the workout which includes pike, low-lunge, forearm plank, forearm pike, pike split, pike hip-opener, high-lunge, as well as a balance series with hamstring curls. Although some of these poses may be held longer than you are used to, feel free to adjust as necessary for yourself. As you enter a hip release pose for your long-hold, you will meditate on the meaning of life (being loved by God and loving Him in return) and becoming your true self (by daring to live fully in response to God's love). We hope you finish class feeling both strengthened and inspired!