Lent: Hip Strengthener

Betsy Hoyt

Patron Saint: 
St. Joseph
Physical Focus: 
Hip Flexor Strengthener
Class Length: 
15 - 30 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Carrying Our Daily Cross

Do you have poor posture, tightness or soreness in your lower back or hips, or pain in your neck or glutes? Tight hip flexors may be the source of your discomfort—and Lent: Hip Strengthener can provide relief. Your hip flexors allow you to move (or flex) your leg or knee up toward your torso, as well as bend your torso forward at your hip. If you sit for long periods of time or run a lot, some of the muscles in your hip flexors tend to shorten and become restricted. Exercises that stretch and strengthen not only your hip flexors but also your back, glutes, and core are essential for loosening your muscles, increasing your range of motion, improving your posture, and preventing injuries. That's why this 25-minute workout includes leg lifts, back-bends, low lunges, hip rolls, bends and twists, hip releases, and inner thigh stretches. As with all Pietra Fitness classes, this Gentle workout will also calm your mind and nervous system with deep breathing, and it will enrich your soul with Scriptures and meditations that invite you to reflect on the manner in which you carry the little crosses that come your way each day.