Easter: Stress Relief

Tekla Bedwell

Patron Saint: 
St. Therese of Lisieux
Physical Focus: 
Releasing Tension in the Body
Class Length: 
30 - 45 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Easter Joy

Do you feel like you are holding a lot of tension and stress in your body? Easter: Stress Relief will melt that tightness and stiffness away in just 35 minutes. From the minute the class begins, Tekla's soothing voice invites you to relax and focus on the present moment, being aware of God's presence and any limitations you may be feeling in your body. After warming up, Tekla will guide you through postures and movements that will stretch and strengthen your entire body, including your neck, shoulders, chest, back, core, inner thighs, and hip flexors. Don't worry if your body isn't as flexible today—Tekla will give cues so you can modify the exercises. If you want an extra challenge, close your eyes during some of the poses to work on your balance. With Scriptures and meditations that focus on the joy of the Resurrection at Easter, Easter: Stress Relief will replace feelings of doubt, timidity, and melancholy with hope, courage, and happiness.