From Home: Ballet Circuit 1

Patron Saint: 
Mary, Cause of our Joy
Physical Focus: 
Lower Body
Class Length: 
15 - 30 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Offering our Workout to God

If you are looking to strengthen the core, build stability, or work on your posture, you will love this ballet-inspired class that focuses on the lower body. Like all Pietra Fitness classes, From Home: Ballet Circuit 1 begins with offering intentions and prayer. You’ll start the warmup with a sequence of leg exercises and wrap it up with an Intense Hamstring Stretch with a Revolved Angle Pose. The Circuit will take you through a dynamic and energizing workout. The workout begins with relevés, followed by plié on toes, planks while lifting the legs, pushup, clamshells, an Arabesque series, and then passés. You will repeat that circuit two more times picking up the speed. Not sure yet if you want to give it a try? You may want to think again! Regularly practicing this class will not only help improve your posture and strengthen the core, but it will also aid in weight loss, muscle definition, and increase your flexibility. You won’t need a tutu or ballet slippers but have a chair handy to act as your barre and a small ball or rolled-up towel.