Easter: Revival

Chris Mautino

Patron Saint: 
St. Leo the Great
Physical Focus: 
Class Length: 
45 - 60 min
Spiritual Focus: 
Easter Resurrection

Fire up the muscles in your entire body and put your balance to the test with Easter: Revival. You will begin this 58-minute workout in a cross-legged seated position, working on your breath, calming your mind, and loosening up your neck, back, shoulders, chest, and hips. And then the fun begins. Chris will keep you moving—and smiling—as you flow through high and low lunges, squats, and leg lifts that target your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. You will also find chest lifts and planks scattered throughout the class that open up your chest, strengthen your back, and work your core. The Scriptures and meditations invite you to consider all that Jesus has done for you—especially in rising from the dead—and encourage you to reflect on what God might be asking of you at this time in your life. By the end of this revitalizing workout, you will be moving better and ready to positively impact the people you encounter today.