March 2 - April 17

Prepare for Easter in a new way with our Lenten Series: Redeemed. There are six whole-person workouts in this series that will strengthen your body, expand your mind, and nourish your soul.

As with all of the videos in our online studio, you can do the classes in this Lent Series any time of the year and in any order. But if you are someone who wants to eliminate the guesswork of putting together a fitness routine, our 40-day plan has got you covered. Each week, you will do all six videos in this series leaving Sunday as a day of rest.

Feel free to add on a short strength boost below or add in a cardio or strength class from the studio to round out your workouts.

Below you will find a Daily Health Tracker that you can choose to print out each week (Your Anthem is a Scripture verse you can keep coming back to during the week.).

Daily Health Tracker

Workout Videos

Intermediate/Gentle Journey


Strength Boosts

Strength boosts are optional add-on workouts to target a specific region. Feel free to add a strength boost to one of the workout videos above or your own workout such as after a walk or run.

10 Min Ab Boost
10 Min Legs Boost
10 Min Arm Boost