Good evening!

I heard about Pietra Fitness on Ave Spotlight and immediately signed up. After each workout, my body feels awesome. More importantly, so does my heart. The meditations & resolutions in each workout focus my day and help me contemplate how I can strengthen my relationship with God and my community. I am so grateful for this ministry. I find myself completing Jill's workouts most frequently. She is such a blessing. Thank you for all you do! Laura

I LOVE Pietra Fitness and recommend it to everyone I have the opportunity to tell about it. I especially like the Lenten and Theology of the Body series. I practiced Ashtanga Yoga for 20 years before discovering Pietra in 2014 through Divine Intimacy Podcast. I am glad for all of your explanations about the differences and why yoga is harmful. I truly enjoy integrating body and soul and spirit. I started doing Pietra videos in earnest 3 months ago and it is the best my body has felt since I had cancer surgery 3 years ago.Thank you so much for this incredible program. It is truly a blessing!