I would love to take this opportunity to express to you how Pietra Fitness has impacted both my spiritual life and my physical fitness.  

Pietra Fitness has opened the door to go deeper into my meditations and mental prayer life.  While I have always had a morning prayer routine including meditating on the Mass readings and liturgy of the hours, Pietra Fitness has led me so much deeper here with "In Conversation With God" as a guide to my mental prayer.  I have implemented Susan Piper's "5 R's" of read, reflect, relate, rest, and resolve into these prayer times.  It is, truly, transformative and has given me an even greater love of our beautiful sacramental Catholic faith, which has created such a distinct interior peace within my heart, soul, and daily vocation.

As a physical health and fitness enthusiast for most of my life, adding the Pietra Fitness On-line Studio workouts to my daily routine of cardio and strength training,has increased my physical strength, as well as, my spiritual strength.  I find myself praying to The Holy Spirit, particularly in the more challenging postures.  There is something so edifying in building my "cathedral" after being able to hold arabesque or another difficult balancing pose. (Praise God!)  Another wonderful piece of this physical aspect is seeing myself build the physical strength as I continue to go through the more difficult workouts in the online studio.  (A pose I could not hold for long, initially, can now be held longer.)  It is an amazing experience to pray this way....with my entire being.  The workouts have, also, increased my practice of offering gratitude to God for every single blessing in my life including the ability to breathe and exercise.

I am looking forward to growing in a deeper relationship with Christ, in continuing to increase my strength, into delving deeper into my sacramental Catholic faith life, and preparing to share and bring this experience to others through my upcoming P-Fit Instructor Training.  

Thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing you all during my training.