Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Pietra Fitness KIDS!

Pietra Fitness KIDS strives to help children, kindergarten through 8th grade, increase their faith, health, and well-being through physical exercise paired with Catholic prayer and meditation created just for kids! We have designed a program that exposes kids to the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Catholic Church while developing the whole person in mind, body, and soul. We seek to help children of all ages to glorify God with their entire human person.

GOALS of Pietra Fitness Kids:

The goals of Pietra Fitness KIDS are to:

  • Develop strength of mind by learning basic muscles and stretches, learning parts of Scripture, exposure to writings of the saints and fundamental beliefs of Catholic teaching, and calming the mind and nervous system with deep breathing, soothing music, and prayer.
  • Develop strength of body by building strong muscles and core strength and increasing flexibility, balance, and joint mobility. 
  • Develop strength of soul by putting into practice the five types of prayer, use of bodily prayer, discovering a deepened personal prayer life through Christian meditation, and learning how to live the elements of our Catholic faith.
  • Seek to learn about and grow in virtue
  • Learn to put forth an effort to praise God in all things
  • Introduce the concept of the Cathedral of You
  • Develop an understanding that God has made each one of us differently, but with the same inherent dignity, and to honor ourselves as well as others.
  • Combat anxiety and stress
  • Develop a better self-image